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Wausau's Public Health and Safety committee began the conversation Monday evening after hearing a proposal from local entrepreneurs Ashley Sampson and Dan Dadabo, who have a plan to start a pedal pub business. Known as quadricycles or by the brand name of Pedal Pubs, the pedal-powered contraptions can seat up to 16 people at a time. The pubs resemble old trolley cars, but use only the power of riders to move up to eight miles per hour, Dadabo said. Dadabo said he hopes that the cycles will help to promote the local bars and restaurants it stops at, while helping riders make memories in the Wausau area. This isn't the first time that Wausau has visited the issue of pedal pubs.

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1st Pedal Pub in Saskatchewan plans to get rolling in June - Pen Pusher Hackette

Pedal pubs — those unwieldy-looking traveling bars where patrons perch while knocking back adult beverages and cycling together to propel themselves along the street — have appeared lately in tourist-friendly towns across America. But they won't be showing up anytime soon in downtown Sarasota. On Monday city commissioners heard from Sarasota Police officers and other staffers who had concerns about the efforts of a Siesta Key operator called Sip-N-Cycle to expand service to the downtown area. They also heard from the firm's owner, Brittany Orlando. But the majority found her business plan too vague and her assurances about safety too unconvincing to invite what Police Chief Bernadette Dipinio deemed "a party on a bicycle" into the city's already burdened downtown street grid. This was the second trip to City Hall for Orlando, who had been told to return with more particulars about her proposed venture.

Sarasota puts brakes on a pedal pub proposal

Pedal Pub has integrated additional protocol to protect the health and safety of our customers and employees. Safety has always been a top priority at Pedal Pub. In light of Covid, we have implemented stringent protocols for regularly cleaning and disinfecting:. Are you looking for a fun, rewarding and low-cost franchise opportunity that generates a strong return on investment? We pioneered the industry in the United States, bringing the very first Party Bike here over a decade ago.
The Party Bike business is a fun and unique opportunity. It is just in its infancy here in the United States, but well known in parts of Europe. In Europe, the sight of a beerbike is nothing new, whereas her in the USA, people will stop, laugh and take pictures when one passes by.

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