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The literature review conducted in concert with an experimental dissertation study is generally oriented toward reviewing prior research and results relevant to the question under examination. The goals of such a review are to a establish a theoretical basis for the study, b gain insight into data collection and analysis procedures previously used, and c establish informed hypotheses regarding the expected outcomes of the study. These goals are also applicable to the present study, but they have already been addressed in chapter two. Therefore, the additional literature reviewed in this chapter is to provide an overview of theories from the five general approaches to the study of learning that commonly influence the practice of instructional design today.

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No two students are alike, and the way every person learns will vary. Our brains are all unique, and our experiences all contribute to the different ways we learn. Psychologists have spent countless hours performing tests to better understand how students learn. Current and aspiring teachers need to have education to be prepared for teaching students every day. And an important part of teacher education is understanding different ways of learning. There are many solidified learning theories that teachers can learn from as they prepare to help students in the classroom. Teachers who understand learning theories can use different techniques in their classroom to cater to different kinds of learning.

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Social learning theory and social bonding theory are two theories that may be compared and contrasted because they both overlap and differ. Although these theories have their similarities and differences, one theory may prove to be more convincing in terms of applying the theory to the understanding of crime and delinquency. A theory is a set of statements or principles developed to explain a group of facts or phenomena. It has been repeatedly tested and used to make predictions.
This paper is a literature review of andragogy. Andragogy is an adult learning theory also known as the teaching of adults. This adult learning theory holds a set of assumptions about how adults learn. It uses approaches to learning that are problem-based and collaborative rather than informative. Andragogy also emphasizes more equality between the instructor and learner.

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